Missionaries that we currently support and their field

Missionary Field
Frank Caceres Spanish speaking people in the United States
John Caudles Canada
Jerry Alford Venezuela
Brad Collingwood Phillipines
Ron Collins Brazil
Steve Cooper Spain
Darren Faucette Scotland
Allen Fox Northern Ireland
Charles Henderson Mexico
Richard Johnson New York
Robert Johnston Haiti
James Kennard Military
Bob Mitchell, Sr. Maine
Ted Mullins Papua, New Guinea
Jimmy Odom Portugal
Ferrel Shepherd Vision Baptist Printing Ministry
Lee Pickett Canada
Todd Bell Maine
Mike White Russia
Rudy Stembridge
Johnnie Todd Africa
Terry Thrun Papua, New Guinea
Darren Truel Haiti
Don Wardlaw Communist Countries
David Warner South Dakota
Ben Wharton, Jr. Iceland
Johnnie McGill Victorious Valley Homes
Herbert Williamson Maryland
Administrator Home/Organization
Jerry McDonald Calvary Church Ministries
David Gibbs, II CLA
Ron Williams Hephzibah House
Don Whitlock Mass Media Outreach Ministries
Olan King Second Chance Ranch