Prayer List

Updated 09/16/14

                         "Bear ye one another's burdens, and so fulfill the law of Christ." - Galatians 6:2  

          Pray continually for the salvation of our many lost loved ones!!!

  • Pray for the campout coming up Thursday.
  • 5 year old boy who needs heart transplant.
  • Olivia (Rick William's daughter) - having health issues.
  • Tiffany Brown having complications from pregnancy.
  • Sue Sullivan had bad fall and fractured eye socket.
  • Elaine Turner - pray for good test and biopsy results.
  • Young boy named Matthew having rough time with chemotherapy treatments.
  • Ivy Edwards not feeling well.
  • Pray for Kenny and family as they travel.
  • Victoria Owen's aunt's husband passed away.
  • Harry requests prayer for man he has been witnessing to.
  • Bruce Pell requests prayer for a coworker whose mother (Stella Crawford) may have had a heart attack.
  • Shirly Denton (Bro. Gregory's sister) had emergency surgery on clogged stents.
  • Beverly's aunt's husband only has a few days to live due to heart problems.
  • Louis Grogg came through operation well.
  • Bro. Gregory having swelling in his legs and pain.
  • Bro. Wood's family in his passing.
  • Albert Hardin has been very ill.
  • Preacher as he travels to PA for wedding.
  • Mitchell Seaman - congestive heart failure.
  • Steven Weaver - leakage in intestines in hospital.
  • Suzie Hodge recovery from surgery.
  • Bro. Mathias recovery from throat operation.
  • Micky Staton - infection in his foot.
  • Eva Morris (friend of Frances) - had a stroke.
  • Rhonda had toe amputated, recovering at home
  • David Cloud is doing better!
  • Preacher's niece - Deborah Owen - her husband passed away.
  • Truman Walker - 5 year old with breathing problems.
  • Tommy Davis was in a 4 wheeler accident.
  • Vickey Lawson's mother.
  • Nissley family in the loss of Sue Nissley.
  • Mrs. Wheeler's daughter, Margaret with back problems.
  • Tim Meadows with lung problems and facing surgery.
  • Zach and Jessica's baby being tested - pray for good results.
  • Don Hardman's mother ended up having surgery early but it went well.
  • Don's brother Ron - lost his job and at an age where it's hard to find one.
  • Cookie Showalter's uncle near death.
  • Tiffany Brown - kidney stones.
  • Dennis Stepp - found tumor in his colon.
  • Jimmy Hood - only has 20% usage of his heart.
  • Chloe - 2 yr old put on ventilator.
  • Anthony Hester - checking for stroke.
  • Mr. Music, Elaine's Dad - has pneumonia and is 86.
  • Roger Snell has severe asthma.
  • Bro. Williamson will need hip replacement soon.
  • Bro. and Sister Glass - pray God gives them strength and good health.
  • Jessica Williams - swelling of feet from pregnancy.
  • Bro. Hardman's son, Joe - was in a bad accident and what he witnessed is troubling him.
  • David Arbaugh - his son was killed in a motorcycle accident.
  • Ann Griffin - beginning 5 days of cyber knife radiation treatment.
  • Emma Jace - badly burned from fireworks.
  • Phyllis House - has blood clot and is now on blood thinner.
  • Preacher's sister Evelyn - has mass in her lungs.
  • Preacher's sister Doris Ramp - has cancer but will not seek treatments. Pray for her salvation.
  • James Kennedy - aneurysm in his stomach.
  • Tiffany Brown's grandfather - health issues.
  • Rodney Gregory (Bro. Gregory's brother) - Has COPD and given 6 months to live.
  • Preston East - blod clot in the liver.
  • Wenn family - Luther has prostate cancer, Lee asked prayer for his brother in a marriage situation.
  • Judy Walker - blood clot in her liver.
  • Sissy Brown - has lung cancer.
  • Albert Creel, preacher in MS has pancreatic cancer.
  • Lou Guadagno has mass in spine between the 10th and 12th vertabrae.
  • Mr. Kestner's cancer has returned.
  • Jerry Moore's brother to have bypass surgery.
  • Alice Barnett's brother passed away - remember their family in prayer.
  • Ginny Baber's sister is dying of cancer.
  • Richie Ferrier - Stage 4 pancreatic cancer.
  • Dorothy Sandridge's neighbor going blind.
  • Andrew Butler - brain tumor.
  • Preacher's brother, Robert - recovery from bypass surgery.
  • Shirley Denton (Bro. Gregory's sister) - Back in hospital.
  • Kendra Moyer - operation on tumor successful, recovering.
  • Missionary Alex James asks prayer for his wife who has infection.
  • Leighann Brown - EKG showed problems with her heart. Medicine for asthma gives her headaches and stomach problems.
  • Derick Seay - went to doctor and found pneumonia, mono, already had diabetes then they found out he has leukemia.
  • Sandy Austin - bronchitis for 3 weeks now.
  • Pray for those who have been missing services.
  • Linda Jorden (Bruce Pell's cousin) - dying with cancer.
  • Bruce's Mom - still battling heart issues.
  • Kenneth Miller - CT scan showed signs of emphysema going to a lung specialist
  • Tim Hoy - Pray he seeks God and lives right when he gets out of prison.
  • Sam Lane - in nursing home.
  • Diane Williams - Stroke caused vision loss - taking therapy.
  • Hazel Campbell - on oxygen and has a hard time getting her breath.
  • Pray for Kathy as she witnesses to both James and Hazel above.
  • Stewart Sprouse - health deteriorating fast.
  • Pray that Harry and Peggy can reach their neighbor and Peggy's sister for God.
  • Matt, a 16 year old who lives in Zions Xroads only has 8 mo. to live.
  • Matt Koogler, also 16, has pelvic cancer and is getting treatments in PA. for 5 weeks.
  • Gene Cash's wife just found out she has cancer. She had a heart attack and they found the cancer on her liver. They just lost a son not long ago.
  • Judy Cox had liver transplant, pray for quick and save recovery.
  • Harry and Margaret Ward - both need prayer, she has a tumor on his colon and he has a brain tumor.
  • Rose Piper's daughter is on the mission field and has grubs that get under her skin and have to be cut out. They can be fatal.
  • Pastor Jeffrey Lazarro of the Phillipines - CAT scan revealed tumor in bladder, surgery too expensive, seeking other treatments.
  • Bud and Peg - Health issues.
  • Charles Henderson is about to start a Spanish speaking ministry in Bro. Sammy Allen's old church.
  • Little girl with IGA kidney disease.
  • Harry's sister, Peggy Miller - has diabetes and spot on her foot.
  • Mrs. Sandridge - problems with heater going out, health issues also.
  • Paul Owen requests prayer as to God's will for his career.
  • Steve Fitzgerald - cancer.
  • Travis Lilly - in hospital.
  • Denise Gaddy - long recovery ahead from neck surgery.
  • Rusty Steele - cancer spot on his tongue.
  • Alston Hodges - bad asthma.
  • Preacher's sister, Ferol - experiencing a lot of pain and bad cough.
  • Mr. Shifflett (neighbor to Frances Carr) - has stomach cancer and is 90 which DR says too old for operation.
  • Mrs. Wheeler is getting weaker by the day.
  • Lanny Thompson - 2 year old taking chemo treatments.
  • Arnold King - health issues.
  • Vicki Paugh - hip and back pain.
  • Clara Ward (Mrs. Hardman's mother) - is doing some better, pray for her health and salvation..
  • Charles Henderson's son - found out that he didn't have pancreatic cancer but had another issu.
  • Sharon Allen - she is blind and her husband just passed away.
  • Simon Schrock - Leukemia.
  • Christians around the world who are being persecuted.
  • Shirley Miller - had fluid pumped off her kidneys, very sick.
  • James' brother, Tommy - health issues.
  • Randy Gregory (Bro. Gregory's brother) - spiritual needs.
  • Royce Holleman, Sr. - 53 year old Preacher with TB (for 25 years, contracted it in the Marine Corp.) now has Emphysema and is not doing good. His sister is asking for prayer.
  • Frank Caceres' wife (Cookie) - Health.
  • Herbert Williamson - Neuropathy in feet.
  • Ronnie Hyden - Heart problems. Pray for his spiritual health also.
  • Laura Hardman's mother still having numerous health issues.
  • Jim and Sue Sullivan - both with health issues.
  • Jimmy Odom (missionary) - Health.
  • Mrs. Sandridge’s granddaughter – serious eye problems.
  • All of our armed forces fighting for our protection and freedom!
  • Bro. & Sister Glass – Health.
  • Bro. Earl Hughes' wife - Bad Arthritis.
  • Bro. Olen King ,Vernell's grandon, Cancer.
  • Pray for Israel !
  • Pray for our country and it’s leadership!
  • Pray for our Missionaries!

Missionary and other Prayer Requests:

Bro. & Sis. Glass - several churches have dropped his support and he was in the hospital with hemorraging.

Bonnie Collinwood - fluid on the brain.

James Kennard - Missionary to the military.

Charles Henderson's son - has cancer. Also, house was broken into, car stolen, then found but now needs repair. Kay's nerves are on edge due to all this, asked for prayer.

Herbert Williamson and Travis Clayton canvasing areas trying to reach people to start a church.

Johnstons - Missionaries to Haiti - their son was in an accident in 2000 and is a quadrapalegic. While he was in MO for medical treatment, someone broke into his house and stole his meds that were in a safe.

Francis Landingin-Cambodia - A church building for a village church supplies for the Bible Institute

CLA ministry.

Donnie Whitlock - Recovering here in the States.


Frank Careres',wife Cookie having difficulty regulating sugar levels.
Steve Cooper - broken heart yet pressing on ,going to Oregon to build a Spanish ministry with the migrant workers.
Jerry Alford -Venezuela pray for the missionary work in that country.
Robert Johnston - Wife Mary, she is doing better and able to stay on the field. Praise the Lord for the healing . Pray for the work there in Haiti.
Todd and Eva Caudle as they seek the Lord for a new field and the extra support they need.
Beams Bibles ministry
Frank Raddish missionary to DC govt. buildings - cancer removed from colon, taking chemotherapy treatments.
Robert Johnston wife Mary  missionaries to Haiti   
Joyce Todd Africa husband was killed a few years ago on this field and she is staying with the work.

Bob Mitchell - asked us to keep him in prayer as he is in a church where he was asked to help as they were having some difficulties.


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