Prayer List

Updated 04/21/16

                         "Bear ye one another's burdens, and so fulfill the law of Christ." - Galatians 6:2  

          Pray continually for the salvation of our many lost loved ones!!!

  • Pastor Owen - Surgery went well, won't be able to use hand for a while.
  • Brenda Kidd - brain cancer.
  • Tossie (Kenny, Darlene and Thelma's sister) - pneumonia.
  • Kenneth Miller who is serving time for doing the right things.
  • Preachers neighbor.
  • Phillip Zodeototies - facing jail time for helping Kenneth Miller in protecting young teen.
  • Laura Hardman - pain in legs and hip. Makes travelling hard.
  • Mickey Staton - health issues.
  • Barabara Owen - as she helps Pastor Owen.
  • Tony (friend of Phyllis House) - kidney transplant went well.
  • Starla - Niece of Beverly - breast cancer.
  • Tim Parker - heart problems
  • Jack Seiler - cancer
  • Tim McDonald - heart condition.
  • Suzy Hodge - swollen and blocked eustachian tube - very painful.
  • Family of Jonathan Brown who passed away.
  • Family of Leonna Baber who passed away.
  • Elaine Turner - tinnitus.
  • Little Seth Brown - health issues.
  • Shirley Warren (Peyton's grandmother) - Bladder cancer.
  • Lionel Atkin's mother has COPD.
  • Little Kenny - having seizures again.
  • Emerson Pell - blood clot cannot be operated on. Pray for spiritual awakening and physical healing.
  • Harry's brother-in-law's dad - 93 years old and having health issues.
  • Chuck Garrison - cancer is growing.
  • Sue Sullivan - had to be placed in nursing home. Hard on her and Jim.
  • James Williams (TEX) - having problems with his eye, may be a stroke, health failing.
  • Greg Morris - having trouble breathing at night.
  • Tommy Wells (Vernell's son-in-law) - tumor on his colon.
  • Pat Gerber (Bro. Jimmy Shifflett's sister) - lung problems.
  • Yvonne Turner - awaiting test results.
  • Margaret Conner - back problems.
  • Mary Vess - congestive heart failure.
  • Mr. Johnson - lost his wife, neighbor and close friend lost his wife and now they want to put him in nursing home.
  • Harry's sister Peggy - awaiting biopsy results.
  • Victoria Owen's grandfather - kidneys not functioning properly and has large prostate.
  • Bro. Gregory - complications from eye surgery.
  • Ann Griffin - In hospital, doctors determining treatment options that appear to be helping.
  • Angel Barnett - having seizures.
  • Leighann Brown - irregular heartbeat.
  • Jimmy Thompson's Dad - Blood pressure.
  • Cheryl Tindel (Kerry's cousin) - stage 4 cancer.
  • Peggy Moore's mom.
  • Bailey Waters - motorcycle accident and multpile injuries. (Bro. Fain Jordan's grandson).
  • Jimmy Thompson - job situation.
  • Jerry Parcham (Lora's husband) - suffered heart attack - only required 1 stent, however, only has 35% usage of his heart.
  • Tommy Shifflett - recovery from heart attack.
  • Kenneth Miller - facing 27mo in jail for standing in the need of a sister in Christ.
  • Cheryl Ottinger - recovery from back operation.
  • Bro. Gregory - cataract surgery has been rescheduled. Also had to go to doctor for back and leg pain.
  • Madeline's great niece - intestinal problems.
  • Darlene Robinson - flare up of MAC disease and bronchitis. Upper GI cancelled because of this.
  • Art Robins that lives in Richmond (we send our CD's to) - had another stroke that left him paralyzed in his right arm and leg.
  • ONGOING HEALTH ISSUES - Mrs. Sandridge, Leighann Brown, Elaine Turner, Pete and April Brown, Kerry Johnson, Sam Layne, Preacher's sister Ferol, Jeff Plemons, Carl Wiseman, Oscar Edwards, Gary Miller, Jimmy Odom (missionary), Lou Guadagno, Ann Griffin, Bro. Edwards, Bro. Gregory, Andrea Brewer, Little Kenny, Frances Carr, Stewart Sprouse, Bro & Sis Glass, Pastor Bruce Murray, Billy Bachman, Mr. Musik, Tiffany Brown, Andrea Brewer, Tony (friend of Phyllis House).
  • SALVATION - Pete Carr, Peggy's Brother-In-Law, David Firebaugh, Lora's husband, Harry's sister, Nancy, Emerson Pell, Timmy Hoy, David Hoy - salvation.
  • CANCER - Mara Roberts, Buddy Fisher, Olen King, Evelyn (Preacher's sister), Dave Fingado's wife (Preacher's sister-in-law) and their son, Bro. Sutton's deacon, Chuck Garrison, Autumn Rexrode, Mrs. Ward, Mrs. Gwinn, Cecil Gibson, John Hodge, Sr., Karen Profitt, Donna Tyler, Jake Perky, Matt Armstrong, Roger Snell, Phil Johnson.
  • Lost loved ones.
  • Those missing in the services.
  • Christians around the world who are being persecuted.
  • All of our armed forces fighting for our protection and freedom!
  • Pray for Israel !
  • Pray for our country and it’s leadership!
  • Pray for our Missionaries!


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