Prayer List

Updated 10/08/15

                         "Bear ye one another's burdens, and so fulfill the law of Christ." - Galatians 6:2  

          Pray continually for the salvation of our many lost loved ones!!!

  • Cheryl Anderson - gallstones.
  • Pastor and family travelling.
  • Sarah Snell - fell and broke shoulder blade.
  • Brewer children all have walking pneumonia.
  • Mrs. Sandridge and Frances Carr are sick.
  • Paul Owen - that the Lord will bless him with a better job.
  • Family of Billy Reese who died in accident leaves behind a wife and six children. His wife lost her dad the day before. Pray for her!
  • Carolyn Gilmer - Stage 4 cancer.
  • Roger Snell's surgery went well, only needed to take a third of it. Now they must concentrate on treatment for this and his prostate and lung issues.
  • Peggy Moore's sister, Joyce - admitted to the hospital for more tests.
  • Aaron and Tiffany's son Seth - having tests run to determine cause of irregularities in blood.
  • Beverly Gregory has shingles which is very painful.
  • Bro. Gregory has pneumonia.
  • Mr. Fisher (Father of Tracy who came with Jaynie to church) - prostate cancer.
  • Leona Baber in Augusta Rehab.
  • Bridget Pence - Doctor told her she only has 1 week to live - needs much prayer.
  • Amber's daugher, Leah - very sick and they can't find out why.
  • Family that Victoria knows where woman was found dead - has 5 kids.
  • Miriam Arbaugh - had surgery, pray for recovery.
  • Aaron's son Luke has pneumonia. Had to go back to the hospital. Luke is sick also.
  • Rachel Brown has kidney stones and a cyst.
  • Sonny Heatwole - in hospital with heart attack.
  • Mrs. Turner asked prayer for her neighbor.
  • Elaine Turner's mother in hospital with heart attack.
  • Jimmy Thompson - request prayer for job situation and for decisions he has to make.
  • Vickie Snead - Jimmy Shifflett's aunt - in hospital with little hope.
  • Elaine Turner scheduled to see surgeon regarding problem.
  • Preacher's sister Peg hurt her back lifting Bud. Needs encouragement.
  • Rhonda (Brooks) Thompson - recovery from surgery.
  • Bro. Gregory's sister - Debbie has bleeding ulcers and is in hospital.
  • Mollie - Special request.
  • Mary Evans - cancer in the hip.
  • Jerry Demastus - returning cancer, now in his abdomen.
  • Vickey Lawson's mother - doing better with pain patches.
  • Bro. Sutton's deacon has pancreatic cancer and was told he has 6 months to live.
  • Bro. Williamson asked prayer for his wife who has raised lump on her side.
  • Mrs. Sandridge having complications from medicine and severe pain in her legs.
  • Barabara Owen - hip and back pain.
  • Margaret Gwinn has stage 4 cancer now.
  • Jimmy Hood now in Hospice care.
  • Jerry and Donna Davis - both have cancer.
  • Garry Miller, Harry's Bro-In-Law - they found cause of high BP but there is no treatment.
  • Oscar Edwards (Bro. Edwards Brother) - has fast progressing Altzheimers.
  • Lora Parcham's neighbor - too weak for bone marrow transplant.
  • Sheila - Missionary wife through Rock of Ages - cancer and not long to live.
  • Tossie - Kenny,Thelma and Darlene's sister - has lung cancer and is not saved. Starting treatment today.
  • Bruce and Jaynie's job situations.
  • Joyce Thompson - skin cancer.
  • Phyllis East (Kathy's Aunt) - has bleeding ulcer and was taken to hospital.
  • Amy Mann - found out she does have cancer.
  • Bro. Edwards back in church but very weak.
  • Preacher's sister Ferol has pneumonia and an infection.
  • Margie Williams - Anthony's grandmother has failing health.
  • Allen Chapell
  • Bruce's Dad in ill health also.
  • Jaynie's brother Chuck enlarged heart only has about 15% usage.
  • Timmy Hoy - persecution from other inmates.
  • Margaret Conners' daughter.
  • Cameron Pace - 13 year old that has lung cancer.
  • Dave Fingado's wife (Preacher's sister's sister-in-law) has breast cancer. His son has cancer also.
  • Cecil Gibson - spot on his lungs has been diagnosed as cancer.
  • Pray God will work on the heart of David Firebaugh.
  • Mrs. Ward - has cancer and too weak for treatments.
  • Jeff Plemons intestinal complications.
  • Bro. Edwards - prayer for his son who needs salvation.
  • Peggy Moore - asking prayer for her mother.
  • Harry's sister Nancy - Salvation.
  • Mrs. Hardenson - pray that the Lord will hear our cry to heal her of cancer. She has 3 little children.
  • Lora asks for prayer for her husband for salvation.
  • Preacher's family Evelyn has cancer in lungs and lymph nodes, Bud very sick, Ferol, still hanging on, even walking and went to church Sunday PRAISE GOD!!
  • Pete Carr (Jimmy Carr's brother) - had heart attack and needs salvation.
  • Bro. and Sister Glass - pray God gives them strength and good health.
  • Lou Guadagno has mass in spine between the 10th and 12th vertabrae. Has also had a stroke now.
  • Linda Jorden (Bruce Pell's cousin) - dying with cancer.
  • Pastor Jeffrey Lazarro of the Phillipines - CAT scan revealed tumor in bladder, surgery too expensive, seeking other treatments.
  • Christians around the world who are being persecuted.
  • Jimmy Odom (missionary) - Health.
  • All of our armed forces fighting for our protection and freedom!
  • Bro. Olen King and Vernell's grandon, Cancer.
  • Pray for Israel !
  • Pray for our country and it’s leadership!
  • Pray for our Missionaries!

Missionary and other Prayer Requests:



James Kennard - Missionary to the military.

Charles Henderson's son - has cancer.


CLA ministry.
Steve Cooper - broken heart yet pressing on ,going to Oregon to build a Spanish ministry with the migrant workers.
Jerry Alford -Venezuela pray for the missionary work in that country.
Todd and Eva Caudle as they seek the Lord for a new field and the extra support they need.
Beams Bibles ministry
Robert Johnston wife Mary  missionaries to Haiti   
Joyce Todd Africa husband was killed a few years ago on this field and she is staying with the work.



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