Prayer List

Updated 4/24/15

                         "Bear ye one another's burdens, and so fulfill the law of Christ." - Galatians 6:2  

          Pray continually for the salvation of our many lost loved ones!!!

  • Leighann Brown - has mono.
  • Mr. Gwinn in critical condition, Mrs. Gwinn has cancer and can't take treatments.
  • Margie Williams - Anthony's grandmother has failing health.
  • Mrs. Wheeler too weak to get out of bed.
  • Aaron and Tiffany's baby Seth - needs to stay healthy so they can operate.
  • Thompson family in the loss of their newborn grandchild.
  • Gary Houghtaling is back in the hospital.
  • Vera Brown is back in the nursing home but still needs our prayers.
  • Allen Chapell
  • Ronnie Brown's mother, Juanita in hospital with possible stroke and spot on her back.
  • Lori has been sick with virus.
  • Gary Miller - has disease that makes his blood pressure spike and causes weakness.
  • Andy and Josie Nissley's 6 yr old son being checked for possible stroke.
  • Cuppy came through operation but is having complications.
  • Mrs. Edwards - recovery from foot operation.
  • Bruce Pell's mother heart issues.
  • Bruce's Dad in ill health also.
  • Bruce's liver enzymes up, may be due to meds.
  • David Turner having numbness along with the bleeding.
  • Bro. Travis Clayton had operation for cancer on face, one was the size of a golfball!
  • Jaynie's brother Chuck enlarged heart.
  • Timmy Hoy - persecution from other inmates.
  • Bruce's job situation.
  • Roger Snell - blood clots.
  • Lady named Gail who Ginny knows - had knee replacement doing much better after prayer!
  • Neighbor of Lori Parcham - their health is failing.
  • Victoria's former music teacher.
  • Margaret Conners' daughter.
  • Juan Gomzaley - has stage 4 cancer.
  • Bro. Jimmy Hood admitted to hospital doctor says he doesn't have long.
  • Blake Brown - trying treatment to avoid surgery.
  • Cameron Pace - 13 year old that has lung cancer.
  • Dave Fingado's wife (Preacher's sister's sister-in-law) has breast cancer. His son has cancer also.
  • Jayne Pell asks for prayer for her neighbor.
  • Cecil Gibson - spot on his lungs has been diagnosed as cancer.
  • Courtney Small - amputated one leg up to the knee and the other foot.
  • Mrs. Sandridge - going for x-rays on her hip. Causing her pain.
  • Jesse Steppe - ovarian cancer.
  • Pray God will work on the heart of David Firebaugh.
  • Cameron Hyden - complex cyst on her right kidney.
  • Victoria's sister, Elizabeth pregnant and may be facing difficulties.
  • Mr. Sparks - has walking pneumonia.
  • Krista Owen's cousin, Tabitha - losing weight and they don't know why.
  • Ronnie Fretwell - Has tumor that's blocking kidney. Operation Monday.
  • Bro. Williamson - on walker now due to neuropathy in feet and having further issues with diabetes.
  • Joseph Dillard - has to have leg amputated, he is 53.
  • CT Cash - Throat cancer.
  • Sharon Robinson - has alzheimers.
  • Carl Staton - health.
  • Mrs. Ward - has cancer and too weak for treatments.
  • Bro. Mathias - in pain as he nears time for operation on his back on the 27th.
  • Little Kenny - hip causing pain due to developing arthritis.
  • Bro. Glass - just got out of hospital but not able to go like he would like.
  • Mollie Williams - Operation went well, pray for spiritual needs.
  • Toni Hobbs - Teddy Barnett's mother - health.
  • Guy Ferrell - former pastor in Timberville, was recently in a car accident.
  • Linda Small - liver and pancreatic cancer.
  • Wanda Weaver to have surgery on her eyes.
  • Email request from Edmund Krzeminski - Religious freedom in Poland, God's will and wisdom for he and his family. Pressures from supervisors at his job.
  • Judy Walker - Josh Kulp's aunt - in critical care. Has pancreatic and intestinal cancer. Refused chemo so far. Needs salvation.
  • Jeff Plemons has the flu along with his other intestinal complications.
  • Pastor Dan Carr has high PSA reading. Asks us to pray that it will go down before next test.
  • Sarah Whitney - cancer now in liver. 3 young children and is 20 weeks pregnant. Had surgery and starting chemotherapy.
  • Pray for Sarah's son Phoenix - had ESR blood test. His is 40 and should be between 3-13.
  • Carson Truslow - operated on brain tumor in Oct but didn't get it all, has another operation this month.
  • Shirley Hoover - broke her back and had surgery. Pray for recovery.
  • Sherman Edwards - still getting weak spells.
  • Charley Vealey - Stage 3 cancer.
  • Bro. Edwards - prayer for his son who needs salvation.
  • Timothy Hall - on last treatments for cancer, keep him in prayer.
  • Bro. Gregory's brother Randy - pneumonia and COPD - needs salvation.
  • Peggy Moore - asking prayer for her mother.
  • Tom Harlow asking prayer for his cousin who is 67.
  • Vickie asking prayer for her sister, Shirley Coleman 80 yrs old, bedridden with Parkinson's disease.
  • Amanda Fitzgerald has terminal cancer.
  • Rick McKeehan - friend of Timmy Owen - serious condition in hospital in Atlanta.
  • Katy asking God for more children.
  • Josie Nissley needs device to help with her jaw and their sons need operations soon.
  • Shirley Zimmerman - congestive heart failure.
  • Ryan Danray - brain surgery to remove cyst.
  • Kylie King - lives near Bro. Mike - has leukemia and not much chance of survival. Pray family seeks God.
  • Harry's sister Nancy - Salvation.
  • Andy and Josie's sons need operation soon.
  • Mrs. Hardenson - pray that the Lord will hear our cry to heal her of cancer. She has 3 little children.
  • Lori asks for prayer for her husband for salvation.
  • Preacher's family Evelyn has cancer in lungs and lymph nodes, Bud very sick, Ferol, still hanging on, even walking and went to church Sunday PRAISE GOD!!
  • Shirley Denton - body is rejecting liver transplant.
  • Pete Carr (Jimmy Carr's brother) - had heart attack and needs salvation.
  • Mr. Music, Elaine's Dad - health problems.
  • Bro. and Sister Glass - pray God gives them strength and good health.
  • Lou Guadagno has mass in spine between the 10th and 12th vertabrae. Has also had a stroke now.
  • Linda Jorden (Bruce Pell's cousin) - dying with cancer.
  • Kenneth Miller - CT scan showed signs of emphysema going to a lung specialist
  • Pastor Jeffrey Lazarro of the Phillipines - CAT scan revealed tumor in bladder, surgery too expensive, seeking other treatments.
  • Harry's sister, Peggy Miller - has diabetes and spot on her foot.
  • Steve Fitzgerald - cancer.
  • Christians around the world who are being persecuted.
  • Jimmy Odom (missionary) - Health.
  • All of our armed forces fighting for our protection and freedom!
  • Bro. Olen King and Vernell's grandon, Cancer.
  • Pray for Israel !
  • Pray for our country and it’s leadership!
  • Pray for our Missionaries!

Missionary and other Prayer Requests:



James Kennard - Missionary to the military.

Charles Henderson's son - has cancer.


CLA ministry.
Steve Cooper - broken heart yet pressing on ,going to Oregon to build a Spanish ministry with the migrant workers.
Jerry Alford -Venezuela pray for the missionary work in that country.
Todd and Eva Caudle as they seek the Lord for a new field and the extra support they need.
Beams Bibles ministry
Robert Johnston wife Mary  missionaries to Haiti   
Joyce Todd Africa husband was killed a few years ago on this field and she is staying with the work.



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