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Why Do Men Sin? Part 2

Pastor Richard Owen

I'm back again and feel maybe I ought to try and explain why these remarks are so crude and poorly written. For one thing I do not know how to type ,so I'm pecking this out with one finger. And because I'm an old man that is computer illiterate, I'm writing this in the wrong program ,without script or proof reading it. Hope this helps to explain the style it's written and the reason for failing to finish some thoughts. No More Excuses.

The thoughts that I'll be dealing with come from much observation, and listening to thousands of messages of preachers from every spectrum and creed. I do not make any claims to know all the answers or to have perfect knowledge. I just believe that over the years there has been much confusion taught. Men have followed other men without ever giving serious study and examination to the doctrines they are teaching to be sure they are of the "faith once delivered to the saints."

I remember Mike sending me a page out of a book someone was writing about apostasy. In that book was the statement made about a preacher in his study with an open Bible before him. He is looking at a portion of Scripture and he knows it is contradicting what most are teaching. He knows if he follows what the Holy Spirit has opened to his heart he will be called all sorts of names and cast out of fellowship with most of the brotherhood. This is why most preachers are closed minded to any thought outside the excepted sphere. The pressure of fitting in and being excepted is stronger than the convictions of many.

So why try to reason with these truths preacher? With the hope of possibly causing some to think about what they are teaching and go back to searching out for themselves what saith the Lord. The false doctrine of a physical sinful nature is so vial to the truth that I believe if most would think about what it implies ,let alone what it's saying to sinners. I truly believe they would reconsider what they are teaching. If I were to teach that a man was born with a physical sinful nature, I'd not condemn them for committing acts they couldn't help but do. It would be like condemning them for eating or drinking water which is a natural part of their nature. Sounds odd to me to hear a preacher go down the line of thought about the nature of a hog, then to preach that a Christian ought to be different. If a sinner has a hog nature then why condemn him or even try to instruct them to live better. If they're a sinner by nature, and it's a physical part of their being, how can they do right? It's as natural for them to sin habitually as it is for them to desire food. A person in this state is beyond help even from God as the atonement doesn't change us physically. This means that all that Christ can do for us is deal with the effects of sin and not the cause. I guess this is why many believe that the grim reaper Death is the real cleanser and final saviour. I'll be back. - Pastor Owen

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