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Favour is Deceitful

Bro. Mike Miller

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(Prov 31:30) "Favour is deceitful, and beauty is vain: but a woman that feareth the LORD, she shall be praised."

Men look on the outward appearance. They always look for that which is pleasing to their senses or intellect. When they find it they begin to devise ways to obtain it for themselves. Then when they get what they thought would be so good, they are disappointed, because favour is deceitful. They don’t believe that or realize that until AFTER they have obtained what they lusted for.

How many men have ruined their lives for this reason? Instead of looking for a woman that could (and WOULD) cook, be a faithful wife and a good mother to his children, they were looking for the best-looking girl that would have them. They were looking for beauty and found it, but they found out too late that favour had lied to them. They thought that girl with such a beautiful face and perfect figure would make them happy, but it turned out that they had been deceived. What you see is not always what you get, and many times what looks good on the outside is more bitter than you can imagine when you get it. The same thing goes for women. Ask Eve.

"And when the woman saw that the tree was good for food, and that it was pleasant to the eyes, and a tree to be desired to make one wise, she took of the fruit thereof, and did eat,” (Gen 3:6)

But it wasn’t long after she had eaten the fruit before she realized that she had been deceived by what her eyes had told her. There are some things that are irreversible, and marriage is one of them, so one had better be careful in choosing a wife. A man or a woman would do very well to keep in mind that favour is deceitful.

The same principle applies in Bible doctrine. There are many doctrines that are appealing on the outside. They may sound right and sensible upon the first hearing of them. They may seem to fit really well with men’s perception of themselves and the doctrines they have already adopted as their creed. Calvinistic doctrine is like that. It magnifies the sovereignty of God, but to such an extreme that it distorts and ruins all sound doctrine. Who would dare criticize a doctrine that magnifies, and glorifies the Lord above all? It looks beautiful on the surface and sounds so impressive, but when you look at the results, and what these doctrines produce you realize that something is rotten. When you see the effects these doctrines have on the minds, hearts, and lifestyles of men and women, you realize that “favour is deceitful.” Oh, it may sound good, and it may sound right, but you must look deeper and longer than just the surface and the right here and now. When a man takes a wife he needs to realize that it is for a lifetime and she will not always have that hourglass figure and that pretty, youthful face. He better have some better reasons for loving her that those, because they will be gone shortly. When a man takes a Bible doctrine, he needs to be aware that he is going to have to live with it and it’s results for eternity. Though, it may sound good at the first, and it may bring him admiration and respect from others, he better consider what the long-term effects and fruits of believing, preaching, and practicing this doctrine will be.

A lot of preachers that are down the road twenty and thirty years already are realizing they were deceived by some doctrines that sounded good, and right, but have produced a crop of rotten fruit. They listened to the hyper-soul winning preachers and their great swelling words and swallowed their doctrines because they sounded so right, but now are reaping an awful crop of reprobate church members as a result. The end result is not at all what they expected or what they had worked for, but it is inevitable when the gospel is turned into a sales pitch, with no repentance, and sin is taught to be a very normal thing in the Christian life. When holiness is presented as unattainable in this life and righteousness is something imputed rather than practical, you need not expect people to be very concerned about the way they live. When salvation is nothing more than a “profession of faith” which clears you from past, present, and future sins, it is foolish to think that people are going to fear God, or worry about how they live after they are “saved” this way. It is no different than the religion of the Catholics — you do your little duty and then you are absolved of your responsibility before God and you are free to live as you please. This kind of “salvation” is appealing to most people, because there is no obligation on their part, therefore it is easy to get a crowd quickly by preaching and “soul-winning” this way.

Most people in the church want to see the church grow and people brought in, so many fell for this false gospel, and sadly, we are beginning to reap its rotten fruit now all over our land and the world. When it first started, there were many churches that were growing by leaps and bounds and it looked really good. It HAD to be God blessing them! Many more jumped on the bandwagon because it looked so good. But “favour is deceitful.” In pursuit of that which appeared well-favoured, many got what they wanted, and found out too late that it wasn’t what they thought it would be. Now they wish they had searched it out better, and had looked farther down the road before they started down it.

The children of God walk by faith, NOT BY SIGHT. So that which is well-favoured should not capture our minds and desires. People who have the Holy Spirit as their guide shouldn’t be deceived by favour, but should immediately get more cautious. We have an enemy who is trying to trap us and he won’t use ill-favoured bait in his traps. Something that is pretty; something that captures the attention, and looks right and good and desirable is the last thing many set their eyes on before they die in a trap. Ask Eve. 


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