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The Sins of Augustine
Read about the father of Calvinism and Catholicism

Questions Answered About Sin and the Atonement (3/13/2005)

Why Do Men Sin?  by Pastor Richard Owen (3/8/2005)

Why Do Men Sin? Part 2 by Pastor Richard Owen (3/10/2005)

Psalm 51: In Sin Did My Mother Conceive Me
(Message byPastor Richard Owen

Allegorical Interpretation of the Scripture - can it lead to error? Read this by Spurgeon:
On Spiritualizing - C.H. Spurgeon

Power From on High - Charles G. Finney

Directions for Hating Sin - by Richard Baxter

Moral Insanity - Charles G. Finney

Provoking Thoughts Conference October 18-22, 2004

The Sin of Fretfulness
-very relevant message for the wicked day in which we live

Imagine a World Without a Televison