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Midway Bible Baptist Church - Fishersville, Virginia

We believe God's people are a holy people, separated from the world, and manifesting the fruit of the Spirit in their lives. We also believe and use only the King James Bible.


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From our Pastor:

Listen to this about The Holy Spirit from A. W. Tozer


As another Memorial Day rolls around it seems as if we have some of the same thoughts as in the past ten years or so. Thoughts of discouraging signs in our nation, and maybe some anger at the way most show no gratitude toward the heroes that gave their lives for the freedom we enjoy to day.

Men and women that believed in this cause of freedom regardless where it was being challenged in this world. They knew if it failed in one nation it would be met with opposition in another. They were willing to go wherever the cry for help was heard and die if necessary for the cause of freedom and liberty for all.

I began to think of how these very precious liberties that we take for granted for the most part are subtly being undermined in our nation . The freedom to believe what you have been taught in the Word of God, is now almost criminal and soon might be if the courts continues the course their on now.  The liberty to speak or write about subjects that a small minority's beliefs to be right for them to live regardless how offensive it is to the rest of the population. It's now right for them to condemn you, but a hate crime for you to disagree with their wicked ways.

The anti- Christian spirit that prevails in the halls of many educational institutions has given way to a path of decay in our nation that was founded on the very principles that they now hate.

The decay of the will to fight for truth and liberty for ALL. Now it's special rights for any beliefs and weird lifestyles that can crawl our of a hole. The anger that begins to rise in the mind is the seemingly waste of the sacrifice of the lives that were given for true liberty for All. Well I guess if the freedom cost you nothing then it's not worth standing up for. When everything is handed to you without having to earn it or fight for it then it has no value to you. 

Some of us have memories of loved ones like my uncle that ended up and MIA sticker on my Aunt's window. His life matters to his mom and dad along with the rest of the family, freedom is not free it comes with a high cost. I thank my God for all that went, and served, and prevailed against the forces of evil.


Pastor Owen


(Feel free to contact me with comments or questions: Pastor Owen)

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