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Midway Bible Baptist Church - Fishersville, Virginia

We believe God's people are a holy people, separated from the world, and manifesting the fruit of the Spirit in their lives. We also believe and use only the King James Bible.


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From our Pastor:

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The last time I talked about the heart, the subject was a hard heart, and I hope all that read it did a little checking up to see if their heart was becoming hard . Proverbs 29:1 warns of the danger of developing the heart that is beyond hope. It's good to examine yourself every so often to just discover where one is in this life of faith.

Today I want with the Lord's help to look at another type of condition that the Bible says the heart can become and that is cold." Matthew 24:12 And because iniquity shall abound, the love of many shall cold." As love comes from the heart, it must be speaking of the heart becoming cold. One of the reasons given here is because iniquity is abounding, increasing, rebellion against God and His Word. You have said to yourself at times, is there anyone that is going to live right and keep serving the Lord? I mentioned how apostasy has a damping effect on us at times. The open rebellion against the truth and the wickedness abounding all around us, can have a chilling effect on the emotions of anyone. When the heart begins to cool off there is a defeating spirit that enters a person and they no longer warmed by the Word or the fellowship of the church family. Concern for the unconverted is waning in their lives, and prayer life is more ritual then a precious communion with the Lord. What has happened in their heart is that first love has been overcome by the rampant increase of open filthiness of the society around them. Everywhere you go or look there is nudity, fornication in the form of pornography by either life styles or apparel. Just as the Word of God so warns that in the last day iniquity will abound, it's arrived and only going to get worse. That fact that there is little hope anywhere you look, be it in the churches or in the government, it has a discouraging effect on all. I believe this is why the Bible tells the saint to look up, their redemption is drawing neigh. Keep looking to Jesus, take your eyes off the world around as there is no hope for it. Seek the Lord while He is dealing with you and wait no longer to begin to LOVE HIM with All of your heart.

Pastor Owen


(Feel free to contact me with comments or questions: Pastor Owen)

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