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Midway Bible Baptist Church - Fishersville, Virginia

We believe God's people are a holy people, separated from the world, and manifesting the fruit of the Spirit in their lives. We also believe and use only the King James Bible.


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From our Pastor:

Please read this regarding Rock music and the Church


Allow me to ramble on with a few more thoughts on my home life and how I believe I learned some important lesson in life.

The Word of God says that" Iron sharpeneth iron", showing that the people around us can help remove some of the rough spots we have in our character. When I began to toy with this thought, I said to myself that I was glad I was in friendly territory when a lot of this took place. All of us develop some strange ways about us as we grow up that need to be rebuked, or we need to be corrected firmly so we quit them. You can tell a child that has been left to him, or herself that still has these detestable flaws in their life. The Bible tells that "Even a child is known by his doings, whether his work be pure, and whether it be right." Ever see a child wipe his nose on his sleeve? You know no one has rebuked him sharply enough to make him conscience of how repulsive it is to others. Maybe you have followed someone down the street that spit on the sidewalk in front of you, you know that they've never been taught that is not exceptional character. I said earlier that I was glad that I was in friendly surroundings when a lot of these things and many many more were brought to my attention. Like never stare at someone that is deformed or crippled in some way or to be disrespectful to elders, and speak to them properly when they ask me a question. Some children look at you like you're from outer space if you just say "hi" or "what grade are you in?" Oh I'm so thankful that my brothers and sisters helped cut off the rough edges I had and humbled me in many ways. Some people are so uncouth that you know mom or dad never slapped their face for being so sarcastic to others. I know they didn't get all my imperfections, but they worked on a bunch of them, for which I am thankful today. Home sweet home, the boot camp, yet the tender loving care to be willing to train a child so they won't end up a fruitcake and an unsociable nut. If I could speak to all of my the family today, I would hug their neck and thank them from the bottom of my heart for the help in removing the ugly from my character.



Pastor Owen


(Feel free to contact me with comments or questions: Pastor Owen)

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